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adCockpit v4.2 (Dublin) released

Version 4.2 of the adCockpit application, code name Dublin, has been released today. This improves a few internal date calculations and the display of the app on tablets in landscape orientations. We’ve also fixed a few small bugs.

adCockpit v4.1 (Denver) released

Version 4.1 of the adCockpit application, code name Denver, has been released today. The purpose of this new version is to prepare for an upcoming breaking change in the AppNexus API, plus a few bug fixes.

adCockpit v4.0 (Davos) released

Version 4.0.0 of the adCockpit application has a new date range “yesterday”, data for the current day and month can be skipped, and dashboard data is being cached to speed up the app for multiple views.

adCockpit v3.4 (Cologne) released

Version 3.4 of the adCockpit application, code named Cologne, has been released. There is an exciting new “Selling Revenue changes” widget, and a new feature that enables Seat Managers to invite additional Seat Observers.

adCockpit v3.2 (Copenhagen) released

Version 3.2 of the adCockpit application, code name Copenhagen, has been released today, introducing a new “Quick Statistics” block at the top of the dashboard page, showing the key metrics for buying, selling, and managed activity, for the last 7 days.