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adCockpit v2.0 (Berlin) released

by | 14 June 2015 | Featured, Release Notes

Version 2.0, code name Berlin, of the adCockpit application was released today.

This release contains no less than 17 enhancements and improvements, including:

  • New user levels have been introduced: a ‘client user’ can access reporting data for all the AppNexus seats they manage, and a ‘seat user’ can access the data for just a single seat.
  • For a ‘client user’, there is a quick filter tool enabling them to select just one of the seats in their overall account, or to switch to one of the other seats.
  • A link was added in the menu to provide quick access to the online support portal.
  • The “log out” link, previously available only in the top right hand corner, was now added to the main menu as well.
  • Several improvements were made for display of the information on smaller screens like phones and tablets.
  • A number of small bugs were fixed.