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adCockpit v2.1 released

by | Aug 11, 2015 | Release Notes

Version 2.1 of the adCockpit application was released today. This version has a 15 enhancements and improvements in comparison with the previous release, including:

  • On the chart for buying activity volume, we’ve added a line that shows daily average CTR for the ad impressions purchased.
  • We’ve improved the appearance, order, and styling of the legends in all of the graphs.
  • We’ve changed the color of the chart element for managed activity volume (impression type “kept”) to make it consistent with the other charts.
  • For the chart showing Selling activity volumes, we’ve changed the order so that the Resold impressions are shown first.
  • We’ve introduced a standard color palette that will be used throughout the application, to ensure a consistent user experience in all situations.
  • We’ve corrected a few issues with the secondary vertical axis of the charts, for example to maken the always start at 0 instead of an automatically selected but arbitrary value.
  • Plus we’ve fixed a few small but fairly visible bugs around the alignment of screen elements, to create a smoother visual appearance on several utility screens.