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adCockpit v2.3 released

by | Feb 15, 2016 | Release Notes

Version 2.3 of the adCockpit application was released today. While we were working on version 2.1, we had to interrupt because of an upcoming breaking change in the AppNexus API. This was handled in version 2.2.

Some items that were left unfinished in version 2.1 have now been taken care of, including:

  • We upgraded the development framework we use for this application, named Laravel, to version 5.
  • We fixed a few smaller bugs that were discovered during the extensive testing of the application for the Laravel 5 upgrade.

While this Lavarel 5 framework upgrade in itself doesn’t provide any new functionality for our actual application, it does enable us to pick up the pace of development of adCockpit considerably in the coming months.