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adCockpit v3.0 (Cambridge) released

by | 14 March 2016 | Featured, Release Notes

Version 3.0 of the adCockpit application was released today. This release consists of 14 large and small enhancements and improvements, including:

  • In the AppNexus API, the current Billing report service is being replaced by 2 new services, the Buying Billing Report and the Selling Billing Report. We’ve rebuilt our reporting integration to be able to handle the 2 new services.
  • We’ve added an entirely new charts section about “Managed activity”, also known as Impression type “Kept”, while at the same time removing this impression type from the selling activity charts.
  • We’ve improved the automatic vertical scaling of the secondary vertical access for Fill rate on the Selling activity charts.
  • Finally, we’ve made a few small improvements to the visual appearance of the application based on end user feedback.