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adCockpit v3.1 released

by | May 31, 2016 | Release Notes

Version 3.1 of the adCockpit application was released today. This release has 19 enhancements, improvements and bug fixes. Most of the improvements focus on the visual presentation of the data and the application as a whole, including:

  • The application will now show a “loading” animation while data is being processed for display on the screen, so that the user is aware that there is a little bit of a wait, but the system is still working.
  • When there is no data available for display in one of the sections of the dashboard, we now show a small message saying this, so that the end user knows.
  • When there is no data available for display in an entire section (for example, when there isn’t any activity of one of the 3 types), the application will skip that section completely, in order to save valuable screen space.
  • We’ve added a tool that enables system administrators to re-run the data retrieval process via the AppNexus API for one seat, or even for all seats, from the web interface directly instead of having to log in on the server to run it from the command line.