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adCockpit v3.3 (Cork) released

by | 30 June 2016 | Featured, Release Notes

adcockpit-logo-for-light-backgroundVersion 3.3 of the adCockpit application, code name Cork, has been released today.

This new release focuses on preparing the application for more international markets:

  • adCockpit now supports multiple currencies. With US$ being the default currency, we now support the Euro currency as well. Exchange rates as published daily by the European Central Bank are being used to calculate the euro amounts from any US$ amount retrieved from the original source and the other way around.
  • We’ve also made the application capable of supporting multiple languages and regional settings. In addition to US English, we now also support the first international language Dutch for our customers from The Netherlands.
  • adCockpit is now capable of showing data offset for any timezone on the planet. So wherever you’re located, data will be displayed respective of your timezone.

settings-buttonsWith these three capabilities in place, any user can set their own preferred mix currency, time zone and language. These preferences are saved for their own username and will be used for future sessions, even when using the application on another device.