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adCockpit v3.4 (Cologne) released

by | 26 July 2016 | Featured, Release Notes

adcockpit-logo-for-light-backgroundVersion 3.4 of the adCockpit application, code name Cologne, has been released today.

This new version has several exciting new features, improvements to existing features, and of course a number of bug fixes.

New features in adCockpit v3.4

This version of adCockpit focuses on the Revenues generated from RTB Selling, and enables you to share these insights with colleagues.

RTB Selling Revenue changes and contributing factors

A new feature in this release is a unit that shows exactly what contributed to the changes in the RTB Selling revenue in the past 7 days (or some other date range). Here is an example showing what it looks like using fictional data:

Changes in available impressions, fill rate, and eRPM together influence the change in total revenue.

Date ranges for Quick stats and Selling Revenue Changes

In addition to the “Last 7 days” date range, the application now also supports “Last 28 days” and “Last month”:

Date range selection tool

We plan to introduce even more date ranges in future versions, including custom ranges.

Seat manager and Seat observer

In this version, we’re introducing two new access levels:

  • The Seat observer has access to all statistics of a single AppNexus seat.
  • The Seat manager has that too, but also has the ability to add new users. This enables the Seat manager to invite colleagues or clients to join and view the same statistics as they can.

Welcome Aboard e-mail

Every time a new user is created, they receive an e-mail welcoming them to the application, with a link that takes them to a screen where they can set their first-time password. The advantage is that the Seat Manager won’t have to make up secure passwords (see below) and send them over e-mail.

Password generator

We all know it’s a pain to invent new, unique and safe passwords. That’s why we’ve added a button that will generate a random secure password, for new users when they receive their Welcome Aboard e-mail but also for existing users:

Generate a unique, secure password

Clicking the button will even pre-fill the password fields. Most browsers and password managers will pick up on this and offer to store the username/password combination so there is never a need to remember it (which is the main cause for using unsafe passwords).

Improving existing features

Several features we already had, have been improved based on user feedback and new information received from AppNexus.

New look for Login screen

We’ve given the Login screen a make-over, so it easier to use and works better on all sorts of devices:

New design for the Login screen

Remember me

Selecting this checkbox on the “Log in” screen will mean the user remains logged in for future sessions. Of course, this should not be used on public computers, but it’s a great time saver when using the application multiple times a day.

AppNexus reporting of impression type “Default”

In early July 2016, AppNexus suddenly added the impression type “Default” to the Buying Billing Reports (it used to be only in the Selling Billing Report). We’ve modified our processing of the billing reports to avoid storing Default impression type twice.

Additional changes and bug fixes

In addition to the new features and improvements listed above, we’ve also squashed several bugs and made a few additional small changes. One of them is that a user with access to the “users” feature is no longer able to delete their own username. This caused a few issues when users clicked it by mistake and then locked themselves out.