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adCockpit v4.4 (Durban) released

by | 12 June 2017 | Featured, Release Notes

adcockpit-logo-for-light-backgroundVersion 4.4 of the adCockpit application, code name Durban, has been released today. This new version has several improvements to the user experience, it also improves the functionality to manage usernames, and it fixes a few bugs.


In this new version, we’ve implemented a technique called lazy loading for the two blocks at the top of the dashboard, Quick Stats and Factors influencing Selling Revenue Change (the latter visible only for clients using RTB Selling on AppNexus). It means that the application now loads the data it needs for these two blocks in parallel with the rest of the page, displaying it as soon as it is available. The result is a more smooth end-user experience.

Furthermore, we’ve made improved to the layout of the screens for creating, editing and managing usernames. This should result in a more intuitive process for user management.

We’ve also implemented a few improvements when using the application on small screens like phones and tablets, including the addition of a ‘scroll to top’ button, and displaying the date and time of the newest available data in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Both make the application easier to use on phones.

For system administrators, this new release shows the date and time of the most recent run of the API jobs that retrieve data from AppNexus. As a result, it is now much easier to quickly check the health of the background API processes and data processing.

Bugs fixed

While working on this new version, we’ve fixed a few minor bugs that have been reported recently.

System internal

We have upgraded the bootstrap UI framework that delivers much of the user-facing functionality to the most recently released version.