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AppNexus API preparations

The adCockpit application uses the AppNexus API to retrieve reporting data, and then stores it in an internal database for speedy access.

This documentation page describes how to create a read-only AppNexus username and how to have this username turned into an API user. The steps described below are:

  • Create a new AppNexus Network observer user
  • Confirm new user and set password
  • Request for this new user to be given API access
  • Provide the user’s Login credentials to adCockpit

Let’s get started!

Create an AppNexus Network Observer username

Follow these steps to create a “network observer” user, which will be turned into an API user in the next phase.

  • Start by logging in to your AppNexus seat (also referred to as Member or Account) with a Network Manager username. Network Managers have sufficient privileges to create other usernames, including a Network Observer.
  • Once logged in successfully, Click the “Network” menu on the main menu:
  • And select the “Users” menu item:
  • The Network Users screen will be displayed. Click the Add user button in the top left hand corner of the screen:
  • The User details page of the Create new user window will be displayed. We recommend entering the details as shown in this screenshot (click to enlarge):
Create new user - User Details

Recommendations for User Details:

  • As the first name, enter API_User
  • As the last name, enter Read_Only
  • As e-mail, enter your own e-mail address
  • As Username, enter xxxx_api_user_ro, replacing xxxx with the seat number of your AppNexus seat. For example, of your seat is 1408, the username would be 1408_api_user_ro. The characters “ro” are a reminder that it is a read only user that will not be able to make any changes.
  • Leave the other fields at the default values presented initially.
  • Now click the Next button.
Create new user - Role & Permissions

Instructions for Role & Permissions:

  • as User role, select Network Observer
  • To conclude, click the Save button.

Confirm new user and set password

The AppNexus system will now send an e-mail message to the e-mail address you entered for the new user.

Click the link in that e-mail message to confirm the creation of the new user, and enter the password for the new user. Make sure to make a note of the password, because you will be needing that later for the adCockpit application.

Request API access for Network Observer

For the new Network Observer user that has just been created, the next and final step is to request API access to be granted to the new user.

To do so, open a new support ticket on the AppNexus support portal. There are instructions for this on the support portal.

In the support ticket, you should mention the seat number of your AppNexus seat and the numeric ID of the newly created network observer user.

You can also mention in the ticket that API access is going to be used for the retrieval of reporting data, at a rate of 1 report per hour, and that this will be handled by the adCockpit web application which is also being used by several other AppNexus members. This should indicate to AppNexus support that the API access is going to be used in a responsible and reliable way.

If you want, you can enter as the CC on the support ticket so we can monitor the progress and provide assistance if necessary.

AppNexus support will reply in a matter of days and confirm that the username has been given API access.

Provide API credentials

As the final step, please contact your adCockpit support representative and send over the username and password of the network observer user that has been created.

A new account will then be created inside the adCockpit application, that will use this username and password to access the AppNexus API at hourly intervals to retrieve new reporting data.

Your adCockpit support representative will inform you as soon as this has been configured, and subsequently send you an e-mail inviting you to log in on the application for the first time.

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If you need assistance with any of the steps above, just contact your adCockpit representative.